V's Nails



Classic Manicure $25
Deluxe Manicure $35
Luxury Manicure $45
Gel Polish on Hand $10


Classic Pedicure $34
Our classic pedicure includes nail shaping and cuticle trimming, a vitamin E oil treatment, a callus removal treatment, classic sugar scrub exfoliation, then a relaxing foot massage. Warm towel wrap followed by the massage. Finish with polish of your choice.

Features everything from our classic pedicure, with an organic sea salt soak. Exfoliate dead skin with our sensational sugar scrub made with plant-derived glycerin and organic olive oil. Our sensational pedicure also includes a mask treatment that detoxifies, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. Hydrate and soothe skin with our sensational butter massage. In addition to our warm towel, we also include a warm stone massage which promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and soothes the nerves.

Luxury Pedicure $55
The Luxe pedicure package includes collagen bubble crystals, collagen sugar cane scrub that massages your skin to exfoliate for a more vibrant appearance, collagen cream mask, collagen muscle-relaxing gel, collagen massage lotion, and collagen serum lotion. In addition to our warm towel and warm stone massage, the Luxe pedicure also features collagen socks that repair existing skin damage, and increase skin elasticity and hydration.
V's signature pedicure is the top-of-the-line package that includes the best products/ingredients. V's signature pedicure features detox volcano crystals, CBD exfoliating sugar scrub, CBD cream mask that cleanses and tightens pores for greater elasticity, and CBD massage lotion that moisturizes skin for a youthful glow with a silky soft finish. In addition to a warm towel, warm stone massage, and collagen socks, it also includes our signature therapy neck and shoulder wrap. Our signature therapy neck and shoulder wrap is the perfect definition of RELAXATION.
Gel Polish on Toes $15
Polish Change

Polish Change

Hand polish $14
Hand polish w Gel $23
Toe polish $13
Toe polish w Gel $25
Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder $43
Finger Gel Polish $23
Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

Regular Full Set $35 +
Regular Refill $25 +
Gel Full Set $47 +
Gel Refill $39 +
Solar Pink & White $60
Solar Pink Refill $37
Solar Pink & White Refill $47
Ombre Full Set $60 & Up
Ombre Refill $37


Length + $5 & up
Coffin, Oval, Stiletto Shape + $5
Cut Down + $5
Nail Repair + $5 & up nails
Nail Removal

Nail Removal

Gel / Shellac Removal w service Free
Gel / Shellac Removal w/o service $10
Acrylic Removal w/ Service $5
Acrylic Removal w/o Service $12
Dipping Removal w/ Dipping Free
Dipping Removal w/o Service $12


Eyebrow $12
Lip/Moustache $8
Chin $10